Reception Services 

RCH Security Services believes that a welcoming and friendly reception service leaves a good impression to visitors and makes them feel comfortable to return. Our concierge team is compiled of highly dedicated and committed individuals who believe in providing exceptional customer care.Our guards represent the face of our company through their expert knowledge of their role, your company and our morals. They come smartly dressed each day and display how we work through the kind and polite way we train them to communicate with staff, customers and colleagues.

 Along with the reception duties are guards will also protect your internal property, guard against vehicle break-ins, unattended parking lots. Having our security officer present at the front end will make sure that your office building is safe.

Our Concierge Security Staff are fully equipped and trained to be effective in a professional environment in order to deal with potential clients and other people within your premises. It is vital within a business that Concierge Staff are of a high standard as they are the first person that people meet as they enter your premises, this is why we ensure that our security guards are of the best standards and can be hired at affordable rates.

The industries that mainly use or concierge services are:

Care Homes
Corporate offices
Golf Clubs
Leisure Centres


Logging details of guests and visitors to the site
To check any contractor passes ensuring all are up to date and valid.
Direct visiting vehicles and delivery vehicles to the correct area when required.
Organise storage/re-delivery of incoming parcels/post, distribute incoming mail.
Maintaining strict no smoking policies
To ensure a positive customer experience for all visitors/customers.
Inputting and accessing data from PC-based databases
Locking and unlocking the premises at specified times

If you are looking to for a new concierge service, we are here to assist you